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Get back to doing what you love


Do you have a health concern that is preventing you from enjoying your hobbies or affecting work and home life?


Acupuncture stimulates the bodies in-built healing systems. Through that, it is our mission at Acupuncture Oamaru to get your health back on track so you can do the things you love again.




New Injuries

Chronic Long Term Pain 

Complex Pain Conditions

Back Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Joint Pain


Headaches & Migraine 

Allergies & Digestion 


Blocked Sinuses

Abdominal Tension



Maternity Health

Morning Sickness

Lower Back & Sciatic Pain

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Turning Breech Babies

Labour Induction

Anxiety & Stress

Poor Sleep




Heart Palpitations




"I was struggling with many aspects of pregnancy seeing I had such a physical job, I made the time to see Elise weekly, her treatment meant I could remain healthy and pain free as well as it being the ultimate relaxation time!" - Gabrielle. D

"I absolutely loved my experience at Acupuncture Oamaru, after every session I felt like I had a renewed energy. Elise is amazing and puts you at ease immediately." - Robyn. M

"I was skeptical about getting acupuncture but my wife booked me in for my back pain that was giving me sciatica - I was good as gold after one treatment! I highly recommend it!" - Milton. M

"A few months ago my wife & I met Elise the owner of Acupuncture Oamaru. My wife was having a very painful leg & nothing seemed to help it, my wifes brother said why don't you try acupuncture so we did & met this lovely lady Elise. My wife has had several appointments which have helped a lot but unfortunately not cured it. I also had two appointments for arthritis in my elbows & fingers & am pleased to say I have not had any pain since. I can recommend this form of treatment." - I A & N M Stewart

Owner and Acupuncturist 

Overtime poor health seems to sneak up on people. Whether it's due to injury, stress or overuse we stop doing the things we once loved because it becomes just too hard or painful. 

I opened Acupuncture Oamaru to bring my patients back to a place in their health where they can enjoy life again. From being able to get on the floor to play with grandchildren to playing cricket or bowls to knitting or being able to stack firewood for winter - it is my passion to get them there!

I hold a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Acupuncture and have been practicing in Oamaru for almost 4 years, with 6 years clinical practice - it is my privilege to live in this awesome little town and treat our community.

 - Elise



New patients are seen for 15 minute consults to evaluate how acupuncture may benefit your unique health condition. Elise will examine your condition, address your expectations and goals of treatment as well as any questions.

Returning patients who are no longer on a treatment plan may book online for private acupuncture treatment. This service involves acupuncture and if recommended by Elise, cupping, and heat therapy may also be utilized. 

As a registered acupuncturist Elise can treat ACC approved conditions. You must have a current ACC claim number from your G.P, physio, osteo or chirprator as acupuncturists can not initiate new ACC claims. 



Tel: 0223765960

Email: info.acupunctureoamaru@gmail.com

Web: www.acupunctureoamaru.com

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Elise Blundell

149 Thames Street

Next door to Flowerz 4 You

Oamaru, Otago

New Zealand

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