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Chinese Medicine Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is often used as an adjunct therapy to acupuncture in musculoskeletal conditions.

It is excellent for loosening tight muscles and you can usually feel an improvement immediately after the treatment.

What's Involved in the Cupping Treatment?

Fire cupping therapy involves placing a flame suspended on the end of tongs into a specially designed glass cup. The flame is then removed and the cup is quickly placed onto the affected area of the body.

People often assume that the cups will be hot, or that it is the heat that creates the suction, however it is actually the fire that burns off the oxygen inside the glass, producing the suctioning effect. The glass usually remains surprisingly cold.

How Does It Work?

The suction created during treatment stretches and releases the fascial wrappings around the muscle, giving the muscle more room to move and breathe.

It also stretches the muscle and pulls stagnant blood and 'metabolic wastes' such as lactic acid out of the muscle to the surface of the body. This draws fresh, clean, oxygenated blood into the muscle which aids repair of the tissues.

Cupping can result in circular marks on the skin that looks like bruising. However, these marks are not painful like a bruise that occurs from a bump or knock, they are actually a form of petechia. Petechia marks are minor bleeds from the broken capillary blood vessels.

The petechia marks vary individually and may be dark purple in people with a lot of stagnation in the muscles, or they may just bring a healthy pink glow to the area for only a few minutes after treatment.

What Can I Get Cupping For?

As a stand alone treatment, cupping can be used for:

  • Shoulder and trapezius muscle stiffness

  • Lower back stiffness and tension

  • Iliotibial band/IT band tension (along the side of the thigh)

  • Tension of the calf muscles

For conditions involving pain, a full acupuncture assessment needs to be conducted to find out what is causing the pain. The practitioner will then decide if cupping will be appropriate for you.

So come in and get some cupping for tight stiff shoulders, back and legs - book in online here!

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