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Heat Therapy and Acupuncture for Old Sports Injuries and Arthritis

It's cold!

Let's warm things up.

Now is the time of year when arthritis and old sports injuries flare up, and poor circulation is at it's worst. Acupuncturists love heat and there's a simple reason why we're always telling people to use hot water bottles and wheat bags.

Heat increases blood circulation to the soft tissues of the body, improving oxygenation of the muscles, as well as nutrient supply and transportation of the healing blood cells called 'macrophages'.

TDP Mineral Heat Lamp

In a previous clinic I worked at, the other acupuncturist and I were always fighting over the one heat lamp we had to share...

TDP mineral lamps are a type of infrared heat lamp that that emit heat which can travel up to 7cm deep into the bodies soft tissue.

The mineral plate in the lamp is thought to have further healing properties, when heated the plate emits infrared radiation.

As the lamp has a large head, it is perfect for large areas of the body such as the lower back and shoulders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion

Moxibustion (moxa) is the application of heat through the burning of a Chinese herb called mugwort.

Mugwort is burnt and ground down into a chalk like stick, which can then be lit by the practitioner and looks similar to an incense stick only bigger.

In Chinese Medicine it is believed that the burning of moxa produces a deep peneterating heat, that nourishes the qi of the local area, the channels it is applied to, and the organs they connect to.

As it warms only a small area, it is best used on certain acupuncture points for a more holistic approach, such as using points on the:

  • Kidney channel for arthritis, as the Kidney controls the bones.

  • Liver channel for ligament injuries, as the Liver controls the sinews, tendons and ligaments

  • Or the Spleen and Stomach channels for poor circulation and lethargy, as these organs produce and improve the quality of Qi and blood in the body.

So come on down and get warmed up - book online here!

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