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Why You Should Try Acupuncture!

Some people take a bit of convincing to let another person put pins in them, which is totally understandable!

SO - Why should you try acupuncture?

Most people experience these 5 great benefits after treatment:

1. A Great Sleep

Lots of my patients come back after their first treatment saying something like, "Wow I think you knocked me out with those needles - I had the best sleep after last weeks treatment!"

2. Time to be Listened to

Everyone's health is unique. When you're not feeling well, it can be hard to express all of your symptoms in a 10-15min doctors appointment.

Many health problems are caused by simple lifestyle habits or from past events that the patient had forgotten about. I question patients in a way that allows us to brainstorm together and by the end of the hours appointment we can often figure out what the problem is.

Some people also find they just enjoy having an hour to vent out their stress's, and others like to lie quietly enjoying the relaxation that washes over them.

3. It Actually Doesn't Hurt.

I know you don't believe me (which is why you should try it), but it really doesn't hurt.

4. Next to No Side Effects

Acupuncture doesn't come with the long list of side effects like medications do. If medication works, and you don't experience negative side effects, then great!

All too often however, particularly with pain medications, there are side affects that could be completely avoided if the condition could be managed with acupuncture instead.

The main side effect of acupuncture is bleeding and/or bruising at the needle site after removing the needle. Other side effects are possible, such as feeling dizzy when getting off the treatment table, feeling fatigued after treatment, or your condition feeling worse after treatment.

Through experience I usually know who may respond like this (people with low blood pressure, weak or elderly patients most commonly), and therefore the patient is treated in a gentle way that won't cause these effects.

4. Feeling Relaxed

It's amazing how foreign true, deep relaxation is to people. Patients often remark:

- "Wow I feel really light"

- "I feel heavy and floppy"

- Spoken through a yawn"I feel zonked out!"

- "I never thought acupuncture would be relaxing, now I tell my work mates I can't wait to go to acupuncture and they think I'm crazy!"

- Annnnd ... I've definitely heard a few "Zzzzzz's" snores from the treatment table!

I often say to patients, "I'm thinking of employing a sober driver!" - lots of people hop up of the treatment table and feel so relaxed, almost like they're a little tipsy!


^^ Is there someone you've been trying to convince to have acupuncture who could do with some of the above benefits? ^^

Send them this blog post!

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