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Feeling Cranky Coming into Spring?

Feeling unreasonably cranky at the moment?

Let's face it, we've either been in hibernation over winter, or wish we could have been in hibernation.

We need to come out of hidey holes, all while wishing we could stay in there just a little longer. (Sounds like me some mornings to be honest!)

In Chinese Medicine, the seasons correlate to different organs in the body.

Spring time is when the Livers energy/Qi is in charge and at its strongest.

The Liver is responsible for the free and smooth movement of Qi in the body.

For this reason, it is also responsible for a lot of other jobs, including keeping the emotions in check, regulating the period, keeping digestion and metabolism running smoothly, and keeping the ligaments and tendons of the body supple.

That's a lot of jobs for a sleepy Liver to have to do! And that is why as we come into spring time we can feel pretty cranky - because the Liver Qi becomes stuck and stagnant.


Emotions associated with Liver Qi stagnation



General Moodiness

Feeling Stuck



Feeling Stressed

...Feeling, well, Liverish!

Other Symptoms of Liver Qi Stagnation


Muscle Cramps/Spasms

Painful Periods

Shoulder Tension

Poor Digestion

PMS (especially breast tenderness)

Poor sleep (especially waking at 3am)


Lets get that Liver Qi Moving again!

Exercise - The number one thing you can do is exercise. However as the body is still recuperating after winter, you want to choose gentle exercise such as walking or jogging, biking, stretching or yoga.

Be gentle on yourself - Though you may have a lot of work that needs to be done, try to pull back on any unnecessary tasks. This will give you more energy to complete the things you need to do from a place of clarity and energy, rather than forcing yourself to work and perform under stress and on adrenaline.

Eat those greens up - The seasons/organs have many other correlations from smells and tastes, to colours and animals. The Livers associated colour is green, and the taste correlation is bitter/sour. So get those bitter salad greens, silverbeet and citrus into your diet!

Ease up on the coffee and alcohol - I know I know, the two of them really feel like they help, (they kind of do), but only temporarily. They spark the release of adrenaline, leaving you even more tired and grumpy after the effect has worn off.

Self Acupressure - Liver 3 (Liv 3) is the spot you want to rub, and it will be tender! It's between the big toe and 2nd toe, just below where the two bones meet. Large Intestine 4 (Li 4) also helps to move Liver Qi, and is particularly good if you're experiencing headaches. It lies against the bone of the index finger and will also be tender. You can massage these points with your thumb in a circular motion.

Still cranky, can't sleep, or having headaches?

Sounds like you'd better come in for an acupuncture treatment! Book Online.

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